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My favourite ice characters :)

My favourite ice characters :)

simplylostinbooks sent: What language are you fluent in?

Cantonese - my first language,Standard Chinese and Japanese.

carbon-based-bipedal-life-form sent: Your art is so pretty! I love it! You perfect human being!

Thanks for your appreciation!I will keep it up

mittelstandspunk sent: MWAAAH YOUR DRAWINGS ARE SO SUPER CUTE!!! *0* I wish, I had as much talent as you have *0*

Oh I am so flattered to hear that!Thank you very much

et-impiis-lethalis sent: Your art of Tauriel just makes me so happy! It's so pretty!

Thank you for your words!You make me happy too!

Maybe post some more hobbit doodles later if I find them in my computer.

hope-for-snow sent: YOUR HICCUPS ARE PERFECT

Oh how kind of you(⌒−⌒*)

Thank you,thank you very much indeed❤

rotenschal sent: God... I love your art, is so cute *-* and, your female Bilbo is perfect <3 good job dear, you're a great artist. As we would say in spanish, ¡Eres genial!

Thank you!You’re so sweet(*゚v゚*)

And I learned a Spanish phrase from you dear❤