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shamingcows sent: Aa welcome to Tumblr! I watch you on pixiv, and knowing that you're here on tumblr too makes me happy. <3 I think your art is really well-made, beautiful and creative. Please know that you're an inspiration to me ////

Really?I’m flattered to hear that//// Your Bilbo is so cute I want to hug him<3 It’s very nice to meet you here.Thank you!

so-damn-mishalicious sent: Have you ever thought about mermaid!Bilbo :3 I bet he'd be a gorgeous little thing *haha* with Thorin as the fishers man - love your art btw <3 it's so good

You mean like this?(*´∀`*)つ


janos-quested sent: So I've just seen some if your art and I've got to say that it is some of the best I've ever seen. It's amazing.

I’m very grateful!<3(*´v(v`*∬o

Some old stuff ➁

ewokette sent: Your blog layout is really cute! your art too <3

Thank you!I downloaded the layout from a blog offers wonderful tumblr themes XD

thewatsondiaries sent: OMG I just discovered you blog and your art is so cute!!! <3333 WAHHH~

Oh thank you!!And I like your blog too ^v^

Some old stuff ①

fes0719 sent: Can I ask you where can I find more art of yours? I love your hobbit and how to train your dragon art! And I really hope I can see your Sherlock art!

Thank you very much!I always post Anime fanart to Pixiv and I’d like to post other genre fanart here.Sorry I’m just too busy to update.I do have a little Sherlock fanart,maybe I can post here later:) 

My favourite ice characters :)

My favourite ice characters :)

simplylostinbooks sent: What language are you fluent in?

Cantonese - my first language,Standard Chinese and Japanese.